TODAY’S COMIC: “The Hand Of Fate”

“The Hand of Fate” is another strip I salvaged from my original incarnation of “Skitter”.   This version is much more funny. Speaking of the title… have you ever seen the MST3K episode featuring a movie with a similar name?  Don’t.  Not even the “satellite of love” could make that movie entertaining.

The ‘joke’ for this strip has changed about 3 times. The original one was clean, the second one had profanity and was ultimately not clever at all, but I think this final incarnation is the best one.  I changed it in an effort to remove some naughty words from my strips. The strip is changing with the addition of Luna (keep reading more strips… you’ll get to her) and I didn’t feel comfortable with the curse words anymore. I never really did, even though they made me laugh.  To a small degree, I was trying to emulate Penny Arcade or other popular webcomics which have no problem being ‘blue’.

I guess I’m done with that.





TITLE: Tales Of Unease: The Hand Of Fate

CHIP: “If there’s one thing more scary than a human’s size, It’s their propensity for-“

↓ Transcript
TITLE: Tales Of Unease: The Hand Of Fate

CHIP: "If there's one thing more scary than a human's size, It's their propensity for-"